Risky Dieting and Your Teeth and Gums

Risky Dieting and Your Teeth and Gums

Posted by SWEETWATER DENTAL STUDIO on Mar 1 2019, 06:15 AM

Every year when people welcome the New Year, they take some resolutions, and most common of them all is to stay fit. While some people choose the right approach for staying fit by joining the Gym and eating healthy, others go with fad diets and weight loss programs which may not be as healthy as they seem. Did you know that a weight loss program can be detrimental to your dental health?

According to a dentist near Sugar Land, they may be harmful to your teeth and gums. Some of the popular diets can be affecting your teeth and gums. Here’s a Look:

The Low Fat Diet

According to the dentist in Sugar Land TX, the diets that are low in fat and miss essential vitamins such as A, D, E, and K impact oral health as these fat-soluble vitamins are necessary for oral health. The fats help your body in absorbing calcium and Vitamin D. Having little fat in your diet also improves your mood and lack of it can lead to stress and anxiety, says the dentist in Sugar Land.

Your Teeth and Gums

Cutting down on calories will help in losing weight as you won’t be consuming much of food quantity but reducing food intake will also lead to health problems. Without the required vitamins and minerals in your diet, you can face the risk of malnutrition. You are also vulnerable to tooth loss as the jawbone becomes weak and enamel gets softened.

Detoxing with Fruits Hurts Teeth and Gums

You may feel that surviving on fruits alone is a good diet but it is a myth. A diet rich in fruits alone will be packed with acid and sugar which increases the chances of tooth decay and gum diseases.

Diet Pills and Teeth and Gums

Diet pills are considered as one of the quick ways to lose weight but they can cause problems for teeth and gums. They prevent the natural flow of saliva and dry mouth can lead to a host of health issues. Saliva washes away the debris and food particles which is not possible when you experience dry mouth.

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