Laser Gum Depigmentation

Laser Gum Depigmentation

Gingival hyperpigmentation, a condition of "dark gums," can affect everyone though it's more common in darker skinned people and is caused by excessive melanin in the gum tissue. Smoking, systemic illnesses, and certain medications can also contribute to gingival hyperpigmentation. Though hyperpigmentation is not a health concern, it can affect your smile's aesthetics, making you more conscious while interacting with people.  

A treatment to pigmented and dark gums, laser gum depigmentation, or laser gum bleaching uses a dental laser to lighten dark gingival tissue areas. This treatment is designed to give the gums a more uniform appearance and improve the smile's overall aesthetics.

At Sweetwater Dental Studio, our dentist Dr. Vlada Matytsin helps patients correct the appearance of gingival hyperpigmentation with advanced laser dentistry techniques. We use the Waterlase laser to minimize the appearance of dark spots on the gums without the need for invasive periodontal surgery. The use of Waterlase laser allows for quick healing; the patients can smile confidently with healthy, pink gums after the treatment without worrying that their gums appear unusual.

Laser gum depigmentation offers many aesthetic and treatment benefits to patients.  With the Waterlase laser treatment, you can achieve:

  • Removal of dark spots and pigmentation on gum tissue with little or no pain
  • Light pink gums without stitches
  • Quick completion and healing
  • No bleeding during or after treatment
  • Less risk of infection.
  • The final result - a beautiful, healthy-looking gum tissue that is uniform in color. 

The procedure

During the treatment, Dr. Vlada Matytsin administers the appropriate local anesthetic to lessen potential discomfort while applying the laser to the gums. When the tissue is numb, Dr. Vlada treats the gumline's darkened areas for a lighter appearance. The length of the treatment will depend on how much hyperpigmented tissue needs to be treated. 

​Dr. Vlada Matytsin can perform laser gum bleaching procedures in one to two visits, and most patients can return to everyday life directly after the procedure. The standard price for laser gum depigmentation range from $2500.00 - $4000.00 per arch but is not covered under insurance. At Sweetwater Dental Studio, we offer a package deal of $1550.00 per arch. 

If you would like to learn more about laser gum depigmentation or want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vlada Matytsin at Sweetwater Dental Studio, Sugar Land, TX, we invite you to contact our office.


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